Mobile Phone Repeaters

Mobile Phone Repeaters In Tamworth


Just because you have poor mobile phone reception in a room at your residence or business, it doesn't have to stay that way, there is a solution. You don't necessarily have to switch your smartphone carrier, in the hope that you will get a better reception from another provider.

There is an option for boosting mobile phone signals in areas where it is weak. Mobile phone repeaters are systems that take a phone signal from an area where it is stronger, then repeat or amplify it to the area where it is weak or nonexistent. Mobile phone repeaters give you a reliable way to make and receive calls with complete clarity in areas with a weak signal.

Smartphone Signal

Most of us rely heavily on our smartphones, from checking email to surfing the web to text messages to phone calls, smartphones are indispensable tools vital for communicating with the world. Whether you want to receive personal calls at your home or work calls at your ... Read more

Trust Doug Blackburn

At Doug Blackburn our team have over eight years of experience in the telecommunications industry. We understand the conceptual and practical nature of mobile phone coverage and signals. We are the best people to install mobile phone repeaters at your location.

Installing The System

Mobile phone repeaters have three components. There is an outside antenna designed to collect a strong signal, an amplifier that will boost the signal and an inside antenna that broadcasts the amplified signal to the area that was not receiving it before. Read more