Data Cabling & TV Antenna Installation

Data Cabling & TV Antenna Installation Specialist In Tamworth


Doug Blackburn Air & Electrical offers expert data cabling and TV antenna installation services to clients in Tamworth and surrounding cities. We can travel to your home, business or rural area to install and repair television and data cabling. If you are looking for better internet speeds, lower ping times or stable television signal, our licensed professionals are here to help.

Many people don't realise the importance of proper TV antenna and data cable installations because cables are typically the cheapest and simplest components of a network. Whether you're hoping to receive reliable phone, internet or television signals, quality cabling is essential. That's especially so for businesses relying on stable and fast communications systems to liaise with their customers.

New Installations

Getting the most out of your data service means having a proper cabling system in place. While Wi-Fi technology has improved immensely in the past decade, it still lags behind the ping times, stability and speed of a wired connection.

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Internet In Hard To Reach Areas

Even if you are satisfied with the performance of your wireless internet setup in some areas of your home or business, you may not be receiving that high signal in all areas. There are specific spaces in homes, businesses, industrial sites and rural properties where no ... Read more

Improved Television Signal

There is nothing more frustrating than the signal to your television cutting in and out. Maybe you are trying to watch a sports game or prime time program and all you are seeing is the choppiness of your reception.

Doug Blackburn Air & Electrical can fix the issue ... Read more